what makes us special

Specialty Tours Worldwide is on a mission to set a new standard in the travel industry, anchored upon a deep love for the art of exploration, and an unwavering dedication to providing authentic travel experiences.

We recognize that travel is not just about going on a physical journey, and that it is first and foremost an opportunity to explore the unknown, meet new people, and listen to their story.

Thanks to our network of local cultural experts, we are able to connect each traveler to the right places around the globe, and to send them on a unique journey to connect with those who share the same passions.

“Niches are where the magic happens. They're the fertile ground for expertise to flourish, creativity to thrive, and unique voices to be heard.”

-Giovanni Scoldari

Our team

Andrew Scott, Founder

Meet Andrew, a globetrotter with an insatiable passion for history, foreign cultures, and extraordinary train journeys.

With a well-stamped passport and a heart that beats for exploration, Andrew is always seeking out the most fascinating and scenic railways on the planet. He has a knack for connecting with local experts and getting them to reveal unique and fascinating stories about the places they call home.

Thomas Doncarli, Trip Coordinator

Trains are not just a matter of personal interest for Tom, but an integral part of his cultural DNA.

Born in France and raised in Italy, this passionate train traveler has always felt a special connection with the world of rails, not only for the unique perspective a train ride can offer while exploring his continent, but also for the historic heritage and architectural value of some of Europe's iconic train stations.

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